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Dee's 21 Day Detox Programme FAQ's

Below are a number of frequently asked questions. If you have a question which is not answered below, please reach out to me!


Question: Should I stop taking my medication on the 21 day detox? 

Answer:  Continue taking your medication and only your doctor can advise otherwise.

Question: How long does it take to lose weight

Answer: This all depends on your present state of health, your diet and lifestyle. By eliminating processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugars most people start to see their clothes getting loose from around day 10.

Question: What symptoms should I expect on the 21 day detox?

Answer: You will experience withdrawal symptoms because there is an element of addiction to  sugar. Symptoms vary from mild to severe and are worse day 2 - 6 then things ease off.

Question: Can I snack?

Answer: Try to have meals that leave you full and well satiated for longer. If you have to, try drinking bone broth or eating berries as the fructose levels are not that high. Bone broth does not spike your sugar levels and hence you avoid the insulin roller coaster.  

Question: What is wrong with margarine, it comes from vegetables and is healthy? 

Answer: Yes margarine comes from vegetables but it is the process called hydrogenation which involves high pressure, heat, a solvent, a catalyst to eliminate odours and some bleach.  The other ingredients used in the process cause disruptions to the gut membrane and alter interstitial permeability hence people end up with leaky gut, autoimmune disease etc.

Question: Why do you say eat fruits sparingly during the detox?

Answer: Fruits have always been seasonal in nature and our bodies struggle with too much fructose continuously. And if one wants to lose weight this cannot happen on a diet high in fructose because insulin is a building hormone so fruits will keep building you up. For those with auto immune disease high insulin levels is a contributor to inflammation. 

Question: Grains and legumes are from nature how come they are not included in the 21 day detox?

Answer: Yes grains and legumes are from nature  but  some of the grains  and legumes cause problems to the gut lining. Grains and legumes have different proteins to protect the seed from predators and hence wage defensive biochemical warfare . There is a variety of these proteins lectins, prolamins, phytates, oxalates etc.

Question: Milk is from nature, why is it not included in the detox programme?

Answer: Yes milk is from nature but not included because of the growth hormones and some proteins meant to protect the calf and do not serve the adult human body.

Question: Can I start drinking alcohol after I achieve my desired goal?

Answer: This is a personal choice. Be prepared to deal with any untoward symptoms by detoxing for a couple of days after your function.

Question: What happens after the 21 days detox?

Answer: After the 21 days the programme goes on to reintroduce the 3 food groups grains, legumes and dairy and see how your body responds.

Question: I don't eat legumes or dairy so do I have to reintroduce them?

Answer: No you don't need to, You just need to reintroduce the food group you eat only. This is a personal journey tailor made to suit you.


Question: What is the diet after detox?

Answer: This is not a diet, this should become your lifestyle. Eating real food meant for humans.

Question: What if I fail to lose weight?

Answer: If you follow it properly you should feel better in yourself mentally and lose weight.

Question: What happens after 60 days and nothing has changed?

Answer: There will be 3 reviews done during the 60 days, 1st one is on completion of 21 days, 2nd one is after the recalibration and the last one is after 60 days. 

If you have any questions please reach out

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