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In my book LIVE EAT & HEAL I talk about a poor diet being the number one cause of obesity, chronic diseases like autoimmune disease and metabolic disease.

The NHS website on COVID-19 information has highlighted that the elderly, obese, overweight and people with underlying chronic conditions like diabetes are at high risk catching the virus and getting serious complications. Not much we can do about age but we can try something step by step to reverse obesity, overweight, inflammation and some chronic conditions like diabetes and auto immune diseases. Lets reset this metabolic button now. Do not be like me, it took me TEN years to reset my metabolic button.

Though the COVID-19 is said to be non discriminatory on who it attacks but the numbers are showing otherwise, it does seem to discriminate on who gets the worst and life threatening symptoms. Some seem to get away with mild symptoms and recover at home. Others, this COVID-19 does seem to have no mercy at all, ruthless and pours its wrath on people with underlying chronic diseases like diabetes, auto immune disease, the obese and overweight. They end up on the intensive care unit, intubated and requiring mechanical ventilation.

I have said before we can not control the virus but we can control the situation from within, by making our bodies not so good a host that its multiplication is hindered and slowed down. Get this virus confused and paralysed, make it a toothless watchdog. This is easy all that needs doing is put a stop to a poor diet and make a choice to start eating healthy.

This pandemic has thrown us out of the rat race and we now have all the time to prepare our own meals in our lovely kitchens with our families and loved ones. Along my journey which I share with you in my book LIVE, EAT & HEAL THE WAY NATURE INTENDED, when i changed my diet and lifestyle my focus or gun was aimed just at the Auto immune disease Lupus (SLE) but effortlessly, I got some brownie points I lost 30kg of my total body weight, my skin glowed, for me this was a sign auto immune disease and obesity have their roots anchored in the food we eat.

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