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My best yoga pose. If I can not make it to a yoga class or running out of time at home and still need to do yoga, I always settle for the Camel pose and do it from as little as 1 minute to 9 minutes depending on the time available on a busy day. This pose is a full package on its own or incorporated in your daily yoga routine.


  • Strengthens back and neck muscles

  • Improves posture

  • Relieves tension around neck and shoulders caused by hunching forward over a computer, tablet, mobile phone

  • Improves spinal flexibility

  • Improves digestion by stretching abdomen

  • Stimulates kidneys

  • Improves and expands lungs to full capacity by stretching the front of the body

  • Strengthens the triceps, quadriceps and hip flexors

  • Tames the monkey mind (cannot think of the future or past while in this posture)

  • In kundalini yoga which I practice it helps heal and balance the chakras

  • It also opens your heart chakra (anahata) which is the energy centre of love and compassion. It has been reported people experience different emotions from joy, cry, laugh, sad

  • It grounds you and brings peace and tranquility from within

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