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We are doing everything, washing hands, staying at home, going for our daily brisk walks and eating healthy to build and boost our immune system. Today let us look at other ways we can help boost the immune system such that our healthy bodies can kick COVID 19 away and have just mild symptoms only and maybe avoid going into intensive care for intubation and mechanical ventilation.


There are so many different kinds of yoga out there, Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Nidra, Iyengar, , Vinyasa, Yin. I personally practice Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Hatha helped increase my flexibility and muscle strength. Kundalini Yoga on the other hand helped tame my monkey mind to stillness. It made me start living in the now moment not in the past which brought anger, regret and resentment nor living in the future which brought fear, worry and anxiety.


Helps drain your lymph and boosts your immunity. Anything that helps the lymphatic system fight infection and dispose off toxic waste products is a MUST do during this lockdown period.

Helps regulate your adrenal glands which secrete the hormone cortisol some call it the stress hormone. Cortisol is good for the fight and flight response only. Persistent, high levels of the hormone cortisol compromise the immune system, can cause osteoporosis by extracting calcium from the bones. This is good reason to try yoga and reset our adrenal glands and have control from within and not surrender to the fear and anxiety element of being under lockdown.

Helps lower blood sugar, achieved by lowering cortisol this helps improve insulin sensitivity. Remember insulin the anabolic hormone which is responsible for building and storage of fat? Sugar levels down means diabetes is low and we all know diabetes is one of the conditions that put people at risk of catching viruses and COVID 19 being one of them.

Helps relax your body and mind. Yoga encourages slow breaths into your tummy, and focusing on each breath going in and out. This takes you back into the present moment shifting the balance from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to the calming peaceful parasympathetic nervous system. The authentic you, a human being not a human doing.

Helps improve your sleep pattern. Tuning inside calms you down and takes you away from the busy modern life, confusing opinions from the media and calms down the nervous system. There is loads of guided Yoga Nidra relaxation on (YOU TUBE) to soothe you into a comfortable deep sleep

The benefits of yoga are plenty but I have shared the 5 because they fit into the global situation we are faced with at the moment. Let us not be mad at the COVID 19 but step back and engage by being in control from within. My usual yoga haven is closed but I have continued my yoga practice in the comfort of my home and I follow these three on


1.Yoga withadriene 2.Kimilla kundalini yoga 3.Kundalini Lounge with Maria

Feel free to find an instructor that resonates with you


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