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Dee's 21 Day Detox Programme


Now you are full of energy and zest after your detox. Your skin is glowing, good appetite, no tummy rumblings, bloating, you feel amazing. Welcome to the NEW YOU. In the next 21 days, continue eating healthy natural real food just the way nature intended. Your diary will come in handy because you need to record any symptoms after each food group introduction. This is the cornerstone to re calibrating your metabolism and whole health. 

The THREE food groups to reintroduce are






DAY 22:

Introduce dairy on this day and observe for 7 days.  The reason we introduce a food group and go back to our natural foods like we have been eating the last 21 days, is  to make a clear observation on body response and get it to heal again before introducing the next food group. Otherwise done too quickly one cannot differentiate which food group caused what.



DAY 29:

Continue eating as before, day 1-21 but on this day introduce one food group (grains). So include in all your meals any grains of your choice all day. Record in your diary any symptoms that come up, no matter how minimal. This is the day you add to your healthy eating any food from


Your grains are:


  • Wheat                                         

  • Oats

  • Barley                                          

  • Corn

  • Rice                                             

  • Millet

  • Quinoa                                         

  • Cereal

  • Bread                                           

  • Sadza (cornmeal)


On the next day continue observing response from grains but revert back to your day 1-21 diet for the next 7 days. SYMPTOMS will vary depending on how you tolerate particular grain. This is unique to you its your fingerprint to your metabolism and whole health



DAY 36:

Again continue eating healthy and add legumes only to what you have been eating during day 1-21


Your legumes are:


  • Soybeans                               

  • Kidney beans

  • Peanuts                          

  • Lentils

  • Chickpeas                       

  • Butter Beans

  • Sugar beans                    

  • Haricot beans

  • Black eyed beans            

  • Lupins etc

Observe body response like you did with grains for 7 days

Symptoms vary and will depend on how your body responds. Again another finger print to calibrate your metabolism and whole health, unique to you alone




DAY 42:

Hooray your body has spoken and you have listened to it.






These questions answered will help you decide your next step on this journey. 


There is basically two options:

  • If happy with progress you feel better, chronic symptoms have disappeared or are improving, you have released weight. Well done and stay on the healthy eating real food way. No need to rock the boat. Plus on food group introduction you know which foods are good to your body. The bonus is you know your body loves them, this is the time to include them into your everyday diet and lifestyle. You can also start eating your fruits but remember fruits in nature were seasonal. Fruits are high in fructose and this over taxis the liver and pancreas resulting in hormonal disruption. Keeping fruit consumption  seasonal  helps keep fructose levels down with a dominoes effect blood glucose stays down, insulin stays down, inflammation stays down, and storage of lipids stays down.. Remember what we eat affects our immune system and general health. On your review with your consultant your bloods should be reflecting how you feel.  Consultant might start weaning your medication. HOORAY

  • IF NO CHANGES AT ALL  from the 21 day detox and re-calibration.

Do not worry you are on a journey. The next phase is to introduce fasting step by step. It could be your body needs more time and a bit more challenge. The next phase is the Dee s 18 day RESET Programme.  




This programme is designed to help adults who are overweight, obese, and suffering from metabolic and autoimmune disease , from a diet and nutritional perspective only. This programme is not intended to replace advice from your physician.

If you have any questions please reach out

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