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Dee's 21 Day Detox Programme Mind Preparation

In this 21 day detox determine exactly what you want to achieve. Set your goal and aim for it. In darts the winner is one who keeps aiming for the specific big number all the time. Be mindful of what you are feeding your body. Have you ever asked yourself what is the purpose of food? At work before performing a task we are always mindful why we are doing it. Now consider your body the greatest work and project you are about to embark on. When preparing a meal or when faced with a temptation ask yourself what is the purpose of what I am about to consume? Be mindful and always think of what you want to achieve.

Henry Ford said “ Whether you think you can, or you can’t - you are right”

  • Be aware of the mind body connection

  • Prepare your mind for the 21 day detox. 

  • Set your mind that you can do it

  • Aim for success

  • Be willing to learn

  • Be kind to your body

  • Allow yourself adequate sleep

  • Try and have 12 hours between your last meal and breakfast

  • Avoid strenuous exercises during the 21 days

  • Let your family/flatmates know about your journey so they can support you

  • Avoid constant anxiety, worry and stress as this triggers release of hormones which can trigger a negative impact on your journey

  • Love yourself

If you have any questions please reach out

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