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Dee's 21 Day Detox Programme Preparation

Like everything else a good preparation yields good results.  Thank you for signing up to this special journey to heal yourself and restore your health from within. This programme empowers you to be in charge of your health just like the rest of the species in nature. LIVE EAT AND HEAL THE WAY NATURE INTENDED

Your Preparation


F-orget about calories in calories out. The body understands hormones and hormonal flow


A-ct now by clearing your pantry, freezer, fridge, rid all processed foods, preserved foods, foods with additives, artficial colouring, artificial flavours, refined sugars and carbohydrates (pasta, flower cakes etc, refined hydrogenated oils like margarine, corn oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and alcohol)


S-hop for real food in its natural form.

  • Vegetables high in fibre, Animal meat and fat, poultry, lamb, goat, fish and seafood.

  • For your cooking oil shop for butter, lard, coconut oil and ghee.

  • For your salads olive oil is good.

  • Shop for your spices and herbs you enjoy.

  • The right food is there for you to enjoy , to nourish and heal your body


T-hermostat - control and be in charge of your own health.

  • The choices we make on nutrition have a major impact on our health.

  • We are what we eat.

  • For lasting results I have left you in control of your food choices and meals.

  • You can have a look on the recipes I have laid out on the site and play around and create your own enjoyable meals.

  • The reason you could have failed before with yoyo dieting could be because you were given set menus to follow for a period of time.

  • That was setting goals from without this time your goal is being set from within


If you enjoy bone broth this would be a good time to make some and have it in your fridge and freezer, let it fill up the space you removed all the processed foods. It might come in handy if you get to have some cravings for the processed unhealthy stuff. Bone broth is full of minerals, fats and vitamins which your gut friendly bacteria adore.  Check out the recipe on bone broth.


Experiment with creating your own herbal teas, so you have something if tempted with cravings the first few days. Berries are low in fructose so if you are forced to snack at least your insulin levels wont sky rocket that much.



  • Do not starve yourself

  • Enjoy the journey

  • Sleep adequately

  • Trust your body

  • Inside job to a healthy you

  • No calorie counting

  • You are not alone.

I am here to walk with you and support you and the end result is a personalised evidence based eating plan tailor made to suit you.



So let us get started.

Love yourself and EAT WELL TO LIVE HEALTHY

If you have any questions please reach out

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