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Since embarking on my journey to heal from Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus (SLE, Lupus), I changed my diet and lifestyle for the better. Positioned myself as a perpetual student willing to UNLEARN and LEARN anything and everything about food and its relationship to the body.

With COVID-19 I have been learning and cooking more healthy recipes in the comfort of my home. I took this a step further and decided to grow my own vegetables, not from my usual allotment but from houseplants. I was not sure whether going to the allotment would be safe and legit during the lock down.

Anything that connects humans to nature is relaxing, soothing and rewarding, it is a form of meditation. As humans we have evolved in nature, alongside trees, plants, insects and animals. We still find a sense of calmness, comfort and contentment to any engagement with nature especially indoors under this present situation. Whether you have green fingers or you have never held a garden fork and soil in your life , indoor vegetable plants are a great stepping stone into the world of eating real food JUST AS NATURE INTENDED.

Grow your own vegetables from planting to harvesting, to your kitchen to your plate and finally to your mouth JUST AS NATURE INTENDED. You can grow almost anything from vegetables to herbs indoors like kale, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce rosemary, mint, parsley., aloe vera etc Experiment with one initially and take it from there.


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