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I have been talking about preparing and eating real human food on this platform and also in my book LIVE EAT & HEAL JUST THE WAY NATURE INTENDED.

Real food nourishes the body and helps bring a strong and healthy immune system just what we need in this COVID-19 situation. There are a lot of varying opinions on which diet is best for humans ranging from Carnivore, Keto, Atkins, Vegan, Vegetarian, Bunting , Paleo(Caveman) Cambridge, Armonk diet just to mention a few. I have huge respect & deep gratitude towards the many diets, authors and practitioners I have learnt so much from.

All the diets have enormously contributed to my journey to ultimate health and got me to learn more and understand my body better. Some of the diets overlap and some run parrallel to each other never to meet BUT there is one thread that seems to run through all the different diets and that is the importance of eating REAL FOOD. So what is REAL FOOD?

To answer this question, maybe the best is to rewind and see what our ancestors ate when they were CAVEMAN, living in nature. They ate fruits, vegetables, meat and herbs and that is what today’s man eats too.

But what has changed? I am sure a lot has changed hence all the chronic diseases linked to what we eat like diabetes, autoimmune disease, obesity and overweight. Whichever diet one resonates with I am sure is serving a good purpose only if it is real food.

Real food is food in its natural form. Fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs Real food should come from nature a farm, field, garden, river, dam and forest Real Food is not processed Real Food has no additives Real Food has no preservatives Real Food does not come from factories like clothes and cars There you are, the answer to what is real food!


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