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Yummy Scrambled Eggs (Serves 2)

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

An easy-to-make delicious, nutritious meal to keep you feeling full.


This recipe is meant to give you an easy to make delicious nutritious meal while using stubborn left overs from your fridge. So next time, don't throw away any left overs. Save them for your next yummy scrambled eggs.


* 6 large eggs beaten * 2-3 handfuls of left over vegetables * 2-3 handfuls of Left over meat (cut into small pieces) * ¼ teaspoon salt * ¼ teaspoon black pepper * 4 Tablespoons butter/ghee/lard * 1 medium onion * 2 ripe avocados (1 each) * Any spices or herbs of your choice

No left overs? You can still enjoy this recipe by using any fresh vegetables spinach, kale, chard, cabbage, yellow/red/orange peppers and mushrooms.


* Heat a large frying pan over medium heat * Add the butter to coat bottom of pan * When the fat is hot add onion, stir until translucent 3-5 minutes * Stir in you left over meats and vegetables * Add the eggs and cook stirring frequently to prevent bottom and sides from sticking until eggs are scrambled and fluffy but not runny * Add your salt and black pepper and any of your favourite spices and herbs There you go all ready to go your yummy fluffy scrambled eggs with all your left overs from the fridge


Cut avocado into cubes and decorate over the scrambled eggs and serve.




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